LivCom Alert

LivCom Alert Package

Base Unit and Pendant – $179.95
24-Hr monitoring – $19.95 /mo.

Lease Option
(Includes 24-Hr and equipment)

Home telephone connection – $11.73 /mo.

How It Works

  • Press the Button

  • Speak with an emergency operator

  • Help is on the way

Our System and Services

  • Easy to use

  • Water resistant

  • Battery back-up

  • Peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Of the 35 million Americans over 65, about 1 in 3 will fall in a given year. Seniors are hospitalized for fall-related injuries 5 times more often than they are other injuries. 50% of people who fall require assistance from someone else to get up. The LivCom Medical Alert can help you keep your independent lifestyle while, giving you peace of mind.